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Hey Girl! Empowering Journal for Girls

Having the right mindset and attitude can literally change your life.

An Inspiring, Self-Discovery Activity Journal for girls to Cultivate Mindfulness, and Gratitude through Positive Affirmations and to help them grow Strong, Wise, and Confident.

This Journal is designed with 109 pages of creative activities, printed on high-quality paper and perfectly sized at (7" x 10")

Dear Boy! Self-Esteem and Mindfulness Workbook for Boys: 50+ Activities to Help Boys Stay Calm and Make Better Choices
Having the right mindset and attitude can literally change your life.

An Inspiring, self-discovery workbook for boys with positive affirmations to cultivate mindfulness, build self-esteem, gratitude, and help your boy grow strong, wise, and confident.

This workbook has 172 pages of creative activities, printed on high-quality paper and perfectly sized at (7" x 10"), so it's easy for kids to carry or to slip in a purse or bag. The book has a gorgeous cover, and the activity pages inside are best for crayons, colored pencils, and pastels.
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Mindful Affirmations and Activities: A Kid’s guide with 50 Positive Mantras and Activities to Manage Emotions, Grow Mindful, Strong, and Confident 

Help your child embrace mindfulness and build their confidence with this gorgeous and empowering journal.

Combining a stunning minimalist format and adorable coloring pages with thought-provoking mindfulness exercises, this wonderful journal will help children of all ages explore their deepest feelings and foster personal growth with a selection of loving affirmations.

It's Not Easy Being a Little Bug:
A story motivating kids to be independent
Bug loves doing nothing.  And that’s a problem! 

Being lazy has consequences. Through the course of events, Bug realizes he needs to change and starts working towards doing things himself.
The anticipation of what's hiding on the next page
and the bright, engaging illustrations will keep youngsters guessing and giggling all the way
to the surprise endings.
Hey Girl! A Unicorn Coloring Book for Girls: To Develop Gratitude and Mindfulness through Positive Affirmations

An Empowering Coloring Book for girls to Cultivate Mindfulness, and Gratitude through Positive Affirmations and to help them grow strong, Wise, and Confident.

This coloring book is fairly large (8.5”x 11") and printed on high-quality paper. The gorgeous cover has a beautiful gloss finish and the inside pages are best for crayons, and colored pencils.

A soothing and inspiring coloring book that reassures girls, they can handle big emotions and empowers them to develop inner strength and self-confidence. For Ages 2-100 and above :-)

Donkeys Can't Take Bubble Baths: A story
about accepting differences.
The silliest, wackiest, and funniest book you’ll ever read!

Best friends Unicorn and Donkey are complete opposites! It seems like they have nothing in common at all. Unicorn is neat, sparkly and clean, but Donkey is dirty and clumsy all the time! How can such different animals get along? But these two polar opposites might just learn that they’re not so different after all…
My Mama: A rhyming book 
My Mama is a celebratory and poetic testament to the timeless love felt between a mother and her child.

With lyrical text and stunning illustrations, young ones and parents will want to snuggle up and read the pages of this book together, over and over again.

Imbued with magical, colorful illustrations and a delightful rhyme, My Mama celebrates the timeless nature of a mother’s love and the devotion that she has for her child. 

Marie's Big Adieu: A story of moving away
from a friend.

A stunning keepsake book of friendship, moving away and starting new.

Moving is hard, especially when you leave your best friend behind. When Marie moves from the country to the city, will she have to say goodbye to her friend forever?

A rhyming story of friendship for anyone who’s said a “big adieu”.

Marie’s Big Adieu acknowledges the fear and grief of those “big goodbyes” and validates the child’s struggles in new situations.

Jungle Adventures - Coloring Book for Kids

A jungle coloring book with almost 50 pages of wacky and engaging activities!

Kids will love Jungle Adventures, a jumbo book that's packed with almost 50 pages of fun! The appealing artwork--with its heavy, chunky black lines--are eye-catching and child-friendly.


This book is sure to engage little ones for hours!

Princess for a Day: A book about kindness

"By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before." ― Edwin Elliot 

This book pampers every girl's princess fantasies, yet gently reminds us that it is more important to be kind and to be yourself. 

Little elephant Bina Trunk wants to be a Princess. But while she's focused on herself, she forgets to show kindness to others.

When Bina misses some silly, messy fun with her friends, she realizes she would rather be a helpful, kind elephant than a princess. She stays true to herself, loyal to her family, and figures out that everyone is special, not just princesses. 

It's not easy being Santa!
A Christmas tale about kindness!
Ever wonder what Santa's job is like?"

Wishes do come true...

It's Christmas eve and Bug accidentally finds a stack of letters that kids have written to Santa. Santa won't receive the letters in time, so Bug wishes on a shooting star:


His wish is granted and he gets a surprise visit from his considerate team of reindeer.

Babu and Bina at the Ghost Party

Bring a piece of India into your child's bedroom.

Let your kids discover their cultural heritage or a completely new culture from far away. Use the photos of real places in India at the back of the book as discussion starters.

When these two curious elephant kids get themselves trapped in an isolated cavern, they stumble upon the ancient ghost of a great Maharaja, the king! But instead of being afraid of the ghost, Babu and Bina make a bargain and that's where the fun begins.

Color My Butt!
Humorous Coloring Book for kids and adults

Finally, your search for a Cute Animal Butt Coloring Book is over!

A Silly Coloring Book that will cause Boys, Girls, and Adults to giggle from beginning to end! For anyone who loves Coloring Cute Animal Butts, this book makes a nice gift for all ages, who laugh at Butt Jokes!

This coloring book is of perfect size (8.5”x 8.5") with 25 single-sided original designs and printed on high-quality paper.