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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a line of books that both
entertain and expand a child's mind.

We showcase vibrant books that exhibit the works of tremendous authors in our region and beyond. We also provide a venue for authors who would like a personal relationship with their publisher and their readers.
Pragya Tomar

Pragya Tomar writes stories for children based on adventure, magic, and mythology. A Visual FX Artist by the day, and a passionate storyteller by night, Pragya works in the Animation industry, inspired every day to do her best.

Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Pragya came to USC Film School in 2003 for MFA in Film, Video and Computer Animation. She received the prestigious Sloan Award in Animation at USC in 2006.

She has worked on many feature films and TV shows including Disney's Bolt, A Christmas Carol, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Star Wars, Transformers 3, Kungfu Panda, Nickelodeon's TV show WallyKazam and Shimmer and Shine.

Tamara Rittershaus

Tamara Rittershaus is a kid lit author and freelance editor, specializing in picture books and poetry, an expat mom, and a Montessori kindergarten teacher. Her tri-lingual family lives in Cozumel, Mexico, where they spend Sunday mornings snorkeling and making sandcastles at the beach.

Tamara's debut picture book Marie's Big Adieu speaks to the heart of every child who's said a "big goodbye" and moved away from a friend.

Tamara's editing services include developmental editing, line editing, poetry editing, and her signature “poetry coaching” for novice poets. Tamara focuses on picture books and other forms of children's literature.

Giulia Iacopini

Giulia Iacopini is a passionate concept Artist and Illustrator from Rome. Her art is inspired by the warm and sunny colors that surrounded her during her playful childhood. She gives life to her illustrations with magical and happy characters and environments. Her goal is to inspire other kids through her art, the same way many artists have done.

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Ramona Maclean

Ramona MacLean was born half mermaid, half unicorn, so naturally, she was drawn to the arts. After completing the Musical Theatre program at Capilano University, the need to draw characters and imagine worlds inspired her to take the 2D Animation Program at Capilano as well. She then was hired to do Storyboards at Bardel Entertainment, working on multiple Dreamwork Tv shows including; Puss in Boots, King Julien, and The Rescue Riders. She currently spends her time sipping tea with imaginary British animals and visiting unicorns in the clouds.

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Michela Fiori

Michela Fiori is a talented Illustrator/artist from Italy, who has a knack of making books alive with her colors. After graduating in 2D animation at the International School of Comics in Rome she started working in the field of animation and illustration. In recent years she has used Photoshop more and more and now my illustrations are almost entirely digital although she tries not to make it too obvious...

Who We Are

PenMagicBooks Publishing is an independent publisher based in

Burbank, California that has been making things since the Summer of Love.

We are inspired by the enduring magic of books,

and by sparking the passions of others.

who we are

What We Do


As soon as you pick up our publishing, we want you to be able to tell that what you're holding comes from us. We consider every detail and ask questions like these:
does the design support and enhance the content?
How does it feel in your hands? What special touches can we add to
make it an object you'll treasure? We apply this approach to everything we make,
whether it’s a book, journal, game, ebook, or our newest invention.

what we do

Where We Do It

Based in Burbank, California, PenMagicBooks collaborates with

talented Authors and Illustrators all around the world. There are

4 main branches, Writers, Design, illustration and marketing and sales.

There’s even an online store that you can visit. 

where we do it
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