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Schedule a Visit with Pragya

Pragya Tomar visits students at elementary, middle and high schools nationwide. She also visits yoga studios to bring her unique mindful activities and lessons to the mat and classroom.
One of her favorite things about being a children’s book writer is actually interacting with children and sharing stories and knowledge with them and connecting with the amazing adults and educators who spend their time helping them grow and learn. As an author, mother and artist, Pragya can offer a number of visits to classes and studios. 
Pragya is also able to create a custom lesson, class or session based on your needs. Click here to contact Pragya to discuss a custom program. 
Here are some options to help you understand a bit more about what Pragya offers: 


  • Assemblies with a book reading, interactive presentation, and activity
  • Young Writer's Intensive Workshop
  • Crafting a Story Workshop
  • Teacher and Staff Workshop on Mindfulness in the Classroom 
  • Classroom visits focused on:
    • The Writing Process
    • Field Trip Prep for Museum Visits
    • Art Appreciation
    • Reading of Ghost Party followed by knowledge and history about India.
    • Reading of Princess for a Day and activities to discover facts about self-esteem and to be yourself.
Pragya also offers programs for parents online and in person. Click here to learn more about her programs!
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