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Pragya is a Computer Graphics Artist and a show writer for animation.

She is currently working as a Lighter and Renderer at MoonBug Entertainment. She has worked as a lighter/compositor on critically-acclaimed animated feature films and TV shows including Disney's Bolt, A Christmas Carol, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Star Wars, Transformers 3, Kungfu Panda, Nickelodeon's animated TV shows, WallyKazam and Shimmer and Shine. Her daily work involves look development, lighting, rendering, and compositing shots. She uses Maya for preparing key light rigs, testing renders for the final look, and submitting shots on the render farm. She uses Adobe Photoshop and substance designer for tweaking textures and After Effects and Nuke for adding FX, Graphics, and compositing to deliver final shots to post-production. She is also a writer and designer and has the ability to communicate design concepts through sketches and wireframes. She has an eye for detail and has experience in 2d and 3d design and understands how to use them effectively in creating new concepts. In her spare time, Pragya has also written best-selling children's books and a screenplay for Netflix's upcoming animated show, Ghee Happy. 

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs - Sony Imageworks

Lighting and Compositing Technical Director


Shimmer and Shine - Nickelodeon Animation

Lead Lighting and Compositing Artist


Wally Kazam - Nickelodeon Animation

Lead Lighting, Compositing and Texturing Artist

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Ghee Happy - Netflix Inc.

Episodic Writer 


Bolt - Walt Disney Feature Animation

Lighting and Compositing Technical Director


Kungfu Panda - Technicolor Inc.

Compositor, Stereo


Open Season 3 - Reel FX

Lighting and Compositing Artist


Star Wars - Prime Focus

Compositor, Stereo


Fruity Pebbles Commercial - Duck Studios

CG Generalist


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A Christmas Carol - IMD Disney

Lighting Technical Director


Cocomelon - MoonBug Entertainment

Lighting and Rendering Artist


Transformers - Prime Focus

Compositor, Stereo

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