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Are your kids fans of spooky ghost stories, exotic adventures and making new friends?


Meet Babu and Bina, spirited young elephant kids who love adventure!


When these two curious elephant kids get themselves trapped in an isolated cavern, they stumble upon the ancient ghost of a great Maharaja, the king! But instead of being afraid of the ghost, Babu and Bina make a bargain - and that's where the fun begins.


This colorful, imaginative picture book, will take you back in time! A story that highlights Indian History with a magical adventure. It combines the spirit of The Polar Express by Chris Van, Matilda by Roald Dahl and family fun of Robert Munsch books.


Join Babu and Bina on the first of many adventures to come. Beautifully written and illustrated - a rare book that both kids and parents will love.


This book promotes:

  • diversity and multiculturalism.

  • the rich Indian History of Maharajas and Maharanis. (Kings and queens)

  • traveling and exploring new exotic places.

  • BONUS!  Information about beautiful forts and Architecture in India included in the book!

  • BONUS for teachers! GO and download FREE lesson plans!                                                                         BUY IT NOW!


Pragya Tomar has written a charming story which is lushly illustrated by Giulia Iacopini. It springs off the page with a playful sense of fun and wonder! Looking forward to more adventures from Babu and Bina! by Rich Fogel

Rich Fogel is a Emmy award winning animation writer. He has worked on series such as Batman Beyond, Justice League, Pinky and the Brain. --Rich Fogel




A fantastic peek into Indian culture and an exciting story of two siblings working together to overcome their fears. I enjoyed Bina and Babu at the Ghost Party with my year old. Older children (who better understand culture and history) would gain a lot from this fun story.

As the industry is prone to say, “We need diverse books.” Here’s a good one.


By Tamara Rittershaus

We really like this book. It's fresh and feels needed. It is a fun, clever, well thought out story about children who have a unique adventure while on a family outing. Children will also love the quality illustrations. I couldn't imagine a better rendition of friendly ghosts. They remind me of the genie in Aladdin.


The book feels like a fun magical tale. It doesn't feel at all like non- fiction or like it's a "learning" book. With that said, what really seals the deal is that it brings a piece of India, it's culture and it's heritage to life (told as a child-friendly adventure). I love the photos in the back of the book after the story, showing readers that, this portrays a real place with a rich history. Books like this are needed so that children broaden their worldview. Get hem excited about travel, exploring and history of the world far and near.

I often download books before buying the physical copy for my kiddos. I own the kindle version and look forward to getting the hard cover.   


by Kelly Pozniak


Mama and Papa Trunk are preparing to take their elephant children, Babu and Bina to the old Indian fort. The children are excited. When a candy man warns them to watch out for the ghost of the Maharaja, their interest peaks even more. As the children eagerly explore the fort, Pina, their pup, takes off. They follow her and get locked in a mysterious room where they will meet many ghosts of the fort gathered together for a celebration. Will the children find a way back to their parents?Babu and Bina are an adorable brother and sister pair who teach their readers much about sibling cooperation and Indian history. This promises to be an interesting series on Indian culture and history. Vivid illustrations will engage even the youngest reader. The short length makes it a good choice for a bedtime story or a read aloud. Recommended for children ages three through eight.


Barbara MojicaTop Contributor: Children's Books

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