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Who We Are

PenMagicBooks Publishing is an independent publisher based in

Burbank, Californithat has been making things since the Summer of Love.

We are inspired by the enduring magic of books, and by sparking the passions of others.



What We Do

As soon as you pick up our publishing, we want you to be able to tell that what you're holding

comes from us. We consider every detail, and ask questions like these: does the design support

and enhance the content? How does it feel in your hands? What special touches can we add

to make it an object you'll treasure? We apply this approach to everything we make, whether

it’s a book, journal, game, ebook, or our newest invention.



Where We Do It

Based in Burbank, California PenMagicBooks collaborates with talented Authors and Illustrators all around the world. There are 4 main branches, Writers, Design, illustration and marketing and sales. There’s even an online store that you can visit. 


How You Can Find Us

We’ve often been told "I see your books everywhere” and that’s just how we like it—you'll

find our telltale spectacles on store shelves of all kinds, all over the world. Once you start

looking, you can’t miss us. Wherever you are, we invite you to see things differently too.

Projects I have worked on

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