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Discounted books

Why I would be great for your

school or library?

Author and Artist


Because I reached out


Why get just an author when you can get an author AND a Visual FX Artist?! Two for one. That's a pretty good deal. 

While the books normally retail for $17.99, every book sold at a school visit is only $10! That's less money for me, but more affordable books for a larger number of kids.

Ever see an author charging $1700 for their visit? Yeah, me too.That's why I don't charge that. What school has that money? It shouldn't break your budget to give your students an opportunity to meet an author.

Because many other author/artists have sent you an e-mail? NONE. Exactly! I reach out to as many schools as I can because I truly enjoy my job.

After 15 years of living and working in the animation indusry, I have a lot of cool facts and fun stories about the greatest city in the world.

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